Gaso Block Spring


Gaso Block Spring

GASOBLOCK is a gas spring with a mechanism that enables the piston rod to be locked at any desired position in extension or compression. It offers high rigidity and resistance against shocks and jerks when the shaft blocked in a particular position.

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There are three types of gas springs, depending on the gas and oil chamber configuration:

Spring Blocking:

In this type of springs, one of the compartments is for oil and gas. Due to gas compressibility, the spring exhibits a slight deflection under load and in blocked condition. It generates a suspension type effect, which is useful for applications, such as office chair push back. The deflection depends on the initial force and load applied.

Rigid Blocking in Extension:

In this type of springs, oil and gas compartments are separated by a piston. The oil chamber is located in between the main piston and seal assembly. The gas spring is rigid in extension due to low compression ability of oil. The deflection in extension is practically nil under working load. Some typical applications, like passenger seats, and hospital beds, require these springs.

Rigid Blocking in Compression:

The oil and gas compartments are separated by a piston. The oil chamber is in between the main piston and the bottom of the tube. The gas spring is rigid in compression due to incompressibility of oil. The deflection in compression is practically nil under working load.

Key Features:

GASOBLOCK gas springs can be locked in any position along the length of the stroke. A valve mechanism is incorporated that effects in a locking condition at any position along the stroke of the gas spring.

To summarize, it has the following key advantages over regular springs -

• Smooth, jerk free and a speed-controlled movement
• Light weight, compact and easy installation
• Easy back rest adjustment for optimum comfort for the seat occupant.

How They Work?

This fraction is achieved by a plunger that is linked with the rod. When this plunger is pressed, the rod becomes free to operate as compression gas springs. When plunger is released at any point in the stroke, the rod is locked in that position.
These gas springs are designed for rigid and elastic locking in both extension and compression movement. The piston rod of the lockable GASOBLOCK gas spring can be adjusted in every required position of the whole stock by actuating the release pin. GASOBLOCK gas spring provides comfort and secure locking in seating and reclining applications.


Gaso Hite Spring

GASOHITE gas springs are specifically designed and manufactured for various applications where step-less height adjustments are required. Until the introduction of gas springs, the height adjustment in chairs, seats and stools was done manually. However, lately, gas springs have been extensively used in equipments where height adjustments are required. Compact in size and high in performance, GASOHITE gas springs are the ideal choice.

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Key Features:

• Ease of height adjustment to suit the mood of occupant and to achieve the operational height for comfort and better productivity.
• Slight cushioning effect in the block condition reduces the pressure on the back while occupying the chair for a long period.
• Facilitates ergonomic characteristics in the seating system
• Sleek and compact in design
• Smooth operation (No mechanical friction, noise and shock during compression and extension.
• Easy installation and operation

How They Work? 

GASOHITE gas springs are having a valve in the tube assembly and can be operated from the top of the cylinder. These are mainly used for variety of chairs for height adjustment and revolving. The GASOHITE springs facilitate ergonomic characteristics in seating systems.

When the chair is under load, on pressings the lever, the chair slides downwards, and when offload, it rises up at a constant speed. The desired height is achieved by pressing the lever. 

GASOHITE gas springs add more comfort by producing a cushioning effect while one is seated in the chair. The cushioning effect resists and reduced the pressure on the back while sitting or occupying the chair for a long time.


Gaso Lift Spring

GASOLIFT springs are non-lockable gas springs which are incorporated in a variety of applications such as flaps, shutters, covers, hoods etc. These springs make the lifting or opening very convenient and easy thereby eliminating the actual load or weight to zero or negligible.

Non lockable gas springs remain in extended condition when not loaded. These are mainly used in easy lifting and lowering of equipment such as backdoor of cars.

Intermediate positive locking along the stroke is not possible.

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Key Features:

As compared to conventional springs used for the same applications, GASOLIFT gas springs have better linear characteristic curve which enables uniform and comfortable adjustment or turning movement, along the opening of door.

Some of its salient features are as follows.

• Automatic & damped supported opening
• Damped fixed speed
• Hinge points subjected to lower force
• Various end fittings for different applications
• Maintenance Free
• Different fixing end-connection
• Single person can lift heavy doors easily

How They Work? 

GASOLIFT gas springs are non-lockable and have a hydro-pneumatic ram that is charged under pressure with an inert gas. The high pressure nitrogen gas present inside exerts equal pressure on surfaces having different cross-sectional piston areas. This, in turn, produces a force in the moving direction. The generated force is proportional to the charging pressure & piston rod diameter.

It has the characteristics of a compression spring with a small change in force as it extends and provides a controlled rate of movement. At the end of the extension stroke, oil damping occurs due to a hydraulic cushioned zone.  

These features help protect hinges and mounts by applying constant force with a damped cushioning effect at the end of the stroke.